About Us

EMTLogiciel takes a bit of a different approach. We are quality driven company. We don’t just build software - It’s how we build our company. EMTLogiciel founder Tanveer Khan has been building businesses with strategic mindset and with building relationships throughout his career. Our core focus is delivering value with quality and building relationships with our clients. We treat small companies’ just as large enterprise and provide maximum quality value in the shortest sustainable lead time.
Our core expertises are not in only just Software development, we provide Solutions and lead the journey from the Inception to the Transition. We work with our customers and understand their business needs but also have skills to assist our customer to define and refine their strategic goals and partner up with them to build their business.
At EMTLogiciel, we are here to fulfill all your needs, either it is in App development, Software Development or any business solution like eMarketing, Customer Service Solution, we have a trained and experience teams onshore and offshore to partner up with you.

How Does It Work?

Our OOTCM, Onshore & Offshore Team Collaborative Model; is very successful and it is very cost-effective for our customers. We build on cadence of two weeks, which means that we apply iterative approach and deliver value incrementally. The approach assures that we are building a right solution for you (Our Clients).
Initial Step
Our Onshore team from the USA collaborates in partnership with you in the Frontend and understands the goals and objective and drive requirements. Read More
Please feel free to contact us for further discussion on your business needs and one of your Onshore Team Members will be contacted with you in 24 hours.