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We create mesmerizing apps by epitomizing your imaginative thoughts using contemporary technologies like AR and VR.

AR- and VR- aided Revolutionary Applications

Apps built using augmented and virtual reality technology reduce the gap between the virtual and the real world. This ensures a steep growth in business as it results in increased user engagement, higher level of customer satisfaction and improved mode of customer communication. At Emtlogiciel, we have a dedicated team of AR-VR experts who offer full stack support in developing a smooth-working, bug-free application which provides enhanced real-world user-experience.


Real World AR & VR Applications


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Tech Stack for AR & VR Development

Technologies that form the back-bone of your scalable, user-friendly applications.

3D rendering Engines

Unity 3D is a popular real-time engine designed to facilitate the development of 2- or 3-D applications. It offers a flexible, elegant editor which can be easily extended to blend with the production workflow. In addition, Unity 3D imbibes built-in UI systems and optimization tools deployable over multiple platforms to assure amazing visual fidelity to its users.

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is a ready-to-use real-time platform meant to increase the aesthetic value of your application by aiding the creation of beautiful interactive visuals. It uses C++ as its scripting language and offers high degree of flexibility and portability. Its visual debugger module, UI and other scalable tools make the projects of Unreal Engine highly efficient and stable.

AR Engines

Vuforia is the world’s leading AR software development kit (SDK), most suitable for mobile devices. It offers high-standard scanning through its object scanner and facilitates easy and efficient mapping. Vuforia supports C++, Objective C++ and Java APIs which make its applications easily deployable across both iOS and Android platforms.

Easy AR

EasyAR is a SDK application designed to create visually appealing AR apps deployable over multiple platforms including iOS, Windows, Unity Editor, Mac, UWP and Android. It offers a highly interactive user environment as it includes up-dated technologies dealing with real-time object tracking and target mapping.

AR Toolkit

ARToolKit is a free SDK software meant to aid the design of quick-running AR-aided applications. This tracking library provides the developer a user-friendly interface to easily overlay virtual objects over real-world entities. Apps developed using ARToolKit are compatible over platforms like Android, SGI, iOS, Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.


Wikitude AR SDK technology facilitates real-time recognition and tracking of both objects and geographic locations. Its easy-to-use drag-and-drop user interface aids creation, editing and testing of markerless AR applications. These apps are cross-platform compatible and can be developed using JavaScript, Cordova, Native API, Unity, Titanium or Xamarin.

Apple AR Kit & Wikitude

Apple ARKit is an augmented reality software meant to create apps with high aesthetic value for iOS devices. May it be single- or multi- user environment, the ARKit can effectively serve the purpose of tracking and mapping. In addition to object recognition, its SDK can even model the texture of surrounding environment by using iPhone/iPad hardware, camera and motion sensors.

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