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Digitally execute your signature oriented agreements, contracts and other documents together with your teammates using this smart app.


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A web application designed to ease the eSignature process, it is an MVP solution that started with agreements signing in mind, though there are a few apps that fall on the same line, we wanted it to give an interesting makeover. The client’s proposal requested a user-friendly model, and at Emtogiciel, we promised and delivered the same.


The real-time patterns for drawing signature were a tough trial to work on, and the end product was worth the hard work. We also incorporated user interaction for evaluation. It was a complex deal to use word and PDF conversions, using placeholders, process streamlining and workflow designs that wouldn’t let any errors to cream in, we had proper iterations and consulting in the process to bring out the best product with complete architecture done by our team.


Analyzing the product requirement led us to the choice of using technologies that help in creating a user-friendly product. It was Microsoft.Net, and Angular JS, which is well known for security and suits for enterprise-wide application

The product is up and running in our test environments, and is about to go live Investor fund is ready for the next phase The mobile app for iOS and Android is something that Emtlogiciel is working on at present


The set of technologies and tools to power up the server side and the client side of your web application to ensure the best performance and user experience


HTML5 is a recent version of HTML developed to achieve higher-level of markup, interaction and style. HTML5 succeeds XHTML and is compatible with traditional HTML. Nevertheless, it has a much greater potential and can design more robust web pages as it imbibes new elements, behaviors and attributes.


CSS is a language used to define the style of the web page designed using HTML or XML. As a result, it separates content from presentation and thus adds greater flexibility and control over the latter one. CSS simplifies the process of web design by offering a chance to modify the look of multiple web pages at a single go, unlike HTML.


AngularJS is a web framework that simplifies both development as well as testing of web applications. It works based on the JavaScript and well-suits when there is a need to develop single page applications. AngularJS, featured by model-view-controller (MVC) architecture greatly accelerates the process of web development.


SAAS (syntactically awesome style sheets) is also a CSS pre-processor just like LESS. It makes the CSS more dynamic in terms of functionality by adding variables, loops, mixins, built-in functions to manipulate font attributes, inline imports, etc. This makes the CSS code more concise and clean, which in turn facilitates its easy management.


.NET is a high-productive, open-source developer platform used to design web/mobile apps compatible to be run over Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, iOS and Docker devices. Its extensive set of libraries complemented by its ability to support multi-languages and asynchronous programming aids the quick development of high security apps.


This is an Oracle Backed open source Relational DBMS. It is one of the most powerful and reliable database management systems based on SQL. You can customize advanced eCommerce business solutions through its on-demand scalability. MySQL is a stable DBMS that ensures performance and meets your demanding business requirements.


Technically developed banking framework meant to accomplish secure online transaction

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