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Engagement Models

Every client expects a different level of control and flexibility to be associated with his project. We recognize and respect this fact owing to which we offer you diverse varieties of engagement models.

This model suits the best for the long term projects whose requirements are prone to change all along the development phase. In this methodology, you can freely revise the requisition at any stage during the development. When this happens, we will redesign the work flow and re-plan on the resources and time-line.

Time and material approach may be an option to look-for if you are looking for our services to address your small ventures or mid-sized businesses.

Defined time frames
Detailed specification
Short-term project or MVP
No changes planned

In fixed price model, you need to deliver us all information regarding your final deliverable. We will work on this, come-up with a specific plan and provide you an estimate over the time and the cost involved. Once approved and awarded, there is no scope for adding/modifying the requirement.

You can consider this cost-effective model if you want to have a solution for your MVP or a short-term project with limited scope.

Defined time frames
Detailed specification
Short-term project or MVP
No changes planned

In this model, you can form a dedicated team by choosing the professionals with skill-set most suitable to handle your project. You can have full control over the hired crew and they can even be made to work in conjunction with your in-house team. Further, dedicated team model endows you an optimal level of control over the resources too.

Dedicated team approach can effective cater your needs irrespective of whether you are planning to build a product from scratch or aiming at improving the existing-one.

Suitable for complex projects
Long-term collaboration
Global market targeting
Desired involvement level

Software Development Methodology

We carefully tailor our software design flow to make it effectively blend with the project requirements.


Scrum is a simple framework, which relies on self-discoveries of team members to address complex projects.

Quick deployment

Flexible environment

Long-running missions

Heavy-weighed projects


Waterfall is a linear software development cycle employing stage-by-stage design approach. Testing will be performed at the end of all development phases.

Small projects

Precise requirements

Rigorous review at each phase

Well-defined deadlines


Kanban is a "Just-In-Time" development methodology which depends greatly on real-time communication between team mates achieved through visual boards.

Custom-flow oriented projects

Shorter development cycle

Frequently changing priorities

Easy management of work flow

Choose the type that fits for you?

With every engagement model being characterized by its unique feature, select the best model that fits your project needs.

Time and Material

Fixed Price

Dedicated Team

Fixed Budget
Low Risk
Quick Start
Changes Flexibility
Direct Team Communication
Fixed Deadlines
Suitable for MVP
Suits Large Projects

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