Meet the Founder

CEO Tanveer's Profile

A serial entrepreneur, Tanveer Khan started his first business right after college, ultimately opening a string of ventures—from a Interactive Voice Response System to multiple Web Development solutions back in 1990s. Tanveer Khan has more than 20 plus years of Business and Technology executive experience with leading software development teams and successfully creating a bridge between the business and technology. Previously, his focused had been on Business Intelligence solutions and solution development in various industry such as Finance, Banking Insurance, Airlines, Hospitality, eProcurement, eGovernment, Commodity Trading, Shipping Industry, Telecommunication, Stock Trading Technology, Utility Companies and Auto Manufacturing; where he experienced first-hand the cost and complexity of building on-premise analysis and reporting solutions and business solutions. Tanveer holds a MS in Management of Technology and BS in Computer Science.

Tanveer’s Passion

Tanveer has a passion for starting and growing companies and developing win-win partnerships. Over the 15 plus years he has conquered his expertise in Enterprise Transformation, Coaching Individuals and Entrepreneurs Transformation to their Career Goals.
Tanveer’s house of success foundation builds on the following Mindset that has FOUR PILLARS
Pillar 1
Respect for People and Culture – People do all the work therefore don’t overload them, don’t do wasteful work and don’t impose wishful thinking. Last but not the least, the most important- BUILD LOGN-TERM RELATIONSHIP BASED ON TRUST.
Pillar 2
Flow – Optimize continuous and sustainable throughput of value. Focus on Throughput vs. Output.
Pillar 3
Innovation – Producers Innovate and Customers Validate.
Pillar 4
Relentless Improvement – Identify & Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Continue. Optimize the whole, consider fact carefully and act quickly.
The Foundation of this house is LEADERSHIP, a key enabler for success.
The Roof of the house is THE GOAL – VALUE. Deliver the maximum value in the shortest sustainable lead time while providing the highest possible quality.
In his career, he has served as an Executive and as Independent Consultant in TOP 100 Fortune Companies and helped the clients and teams to achieve long term strategy and top priorities, and helped executives, entrepreneurs, teams and individuals to achieve their goals and became the part in helping them win.