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We specialize in developing mobile applications for iOS and Android systems using popular and widely used programming languages like Java, Kotlin, Swift and Objective-C.

iOS and Android App Development

We offers customized, comprehensive business solutions to effectively help manage demands of your growing business needs. Our valuable professionals validate your startup business ideas and help translate them into a complete and a cost effective product. We also provide custom mobile application development for businesses and support or enhancements for existing offerings.

iOS Mobile Device

iOS App Development

Fully functional applications supported on all Apple devices

Android Mobile Device

Android App Development

Customized applications deployable on all Android devices

Expertise in Mobile App Development

At Emtlogiciel we have expert engineers whose collective experience spans a wide array of mobile applications. Given that there are a wide range of mobile development suites and off the shelf products to choose from, it is important to identify the right solution for your product or project which can save time and money.

Hybrid Mobile Applications

Write Once, Run Everywhere

Reduced effort to deploy across multiple platform

API based applications for consuming content from the cloud

Easy to Maintain

Shorter time to delivery

Media and Content Delivery

Live Streaming and OTT delivery

Content delivery and media publishing

News feeds and customized user experience

Real time social media integration with Social Networking applications

High resolution content streaming and transcoding services

IOT Applications

Integration with multi-sensory relays

Smart leans apps for Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards

IOT cloud integration and REST based application

Customizable real-time dashboards

Business intelligence insights

Mobile AI

Chatbots and lexical parsers

Auto Responders and intelligent communicators for in-app communication

Social media bots for Facebook and LinkedIn

Pattern recognition and detection

Integration with IBM AI Network services and Watson

Featured Projects


A platform dedicated to Indie Artists & creatives for selling their creative digital work without any commission and obligation at a profitable price.

Featured Projects


Digitally execute your signature oriented agreements, contracts and other documents together with your teammates using this smart app.

Featured Projects


An advanced technology app that allows you to print your photos directly from your phone. Just take a picture and we print and deliver it for you.

Featured Projects

XAfrica Mart

Trade safely on your own terms with a risk-free negotiation directly with your dealer. Use safe B2B interaction for successfully running your business online.

XAfrica Mart
Featured Projects

Production Book

We were asked for some web design services as wanted a social media platform exclusively for the film industry.

Production Book

Tech Stack for Android and iOS App Development

Technologies that form the back-bone of your scalable, user-friendly applications.

Native Languages

Java is the most-popular, widely-deployed programming language best-fitting for a wide number of applications including the development of web and mobile applications. It’s flexibility, portability, scalability and excellent performance makes it the most sort out programming language for deploying complex business solutions


Kotlin is a recently developed programming language designed specifically to meet the needs of Android application development. It has concise syntax in comparison with Java while being fully interoperable with the latter as it can be easily compiled using JavaScript or JVM bytecode.


Swift is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm, compiled programming language developed by Apple Inc. for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, Linux and z/OS. The robust nature of the programming language, makes Swift the ideal solution for development of any complex iOS applications.


iOS application developers have been consistently using “Objective-C” one of the oldest object oriented programming language for over 30 years, making it the most reliable language for writing millions of lines of code. Moreover, programs written using Objective-C are backward compatible with C and C++ programming languages.

Hybrid Frameworks

React is a JavaScript library designed to develop user interfaces. Unlike framework based web development, the front-end design using React revolves around a functionally-customizable React ecosystem. This facilitates and speeds-up the process of both single page as well as mobile applications.

React Native

React Native is a UI focused, React-based framework which facilitates mobile app development using only JavaScript. The applications developed are cross-platform compatible and can be deployed either in iOS or Android devices. Use of React Native reduces the development time, minimises resource utilisation, eases debugging, enables faster loading and assures smoother working.


Xamarin is a mobile development framework, working on .NET platform. Xamarin uses a single, shared C# codebase to develop high standard, user-friendly applications suitable to be run on Mac, iOS and Android devices. It exploits standard, native UI controls to deliver features like integration with third parties/backend systems and easy code editing/debugging.


Firebase’s real-time database, a Google acquired solution is a cloud hosted database with data being stored as JSON and synchronized in real-time to every connected client. This backend as a Service application provides the developers with APIs allowing them to focus only on developing a top-notch, serverless, optimized and highly secured application.


SQLite is a lightweight, self-contained, reliable, full-featured, relational database management system contained in a C programming library. Unlike various database management systems, SQLite is embedded into the end program making it extremely fast and powerful.

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