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Print My Gallery

An advanced technology app that allows you to print your photos directly from your phone. Just take a picture and we print and deliver it for you.


4 Months


6 Members


1st Phase






Print My Gallery approached us asking for a neat mobile app development just so their clients get to use the app to print images and get them delivered. Our team readily agreed because the app required quality and performance on point. It was interesting as both, print my gallery and Emtlogiciel wanted nothing but a simple mobile application to be developed by our app developers to help people hold their best memories in their hands.


A hybrid design as we all know is a tad challenging though, so we had iterations that exceeded the count that we initially assumed. Anyhow, our app developers wouldn’t give up unless they see what we ideated. We loved the experience with Print My Gallery as it helped us learn more than usual.


What would happen if brilliant brains and creative bugs get along? We came up with a plan that would best work and announced – Hybrid Mobile Framework and Print My Gallery was indeed thrilled to bits. We did work day and night and the result? We released both the iOS and Android version that elated our clients.

We bagged a VC funding! And, our app developers are wearing their ingenious selves hat for the phase 2. So, just stay tuned!


The set of technologies and tools to power up the server side and the client side of your web application to ensure the best performance and user experience


AngularJS is a web framework that simplifies both development as well as testing of web applications. It works based on the JavaScript and well-suits when there is a need to develop single page applications. AngularJS, featured by model-view-controller (MVC) architecture greatly accelerates the process of web development.


HTML5 is a recent version of HTML developed to achieve higher-level of markup, interaction and style. HTML5 succeeds XHTML and is compatible with traditional HTML. Nevertheless, it has a much greater potential and can design more robust web pages as it imbibes new elements, behaviors and attributes.


CSS is a language used to define the style of the web page designed using HTML or XML. As a result, it separates content from presentation and thus adds greater flexibility and control over the latter one. CSS simplifies the process of web design by offering a chance to modify the look of multiple web pages at a single go, unlike HTML.


Open-source framework facilitating the development of cross-platform mobile applications


PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a well renowned programming language used to accomplish server-side scripting. It can be embedded into HTML and aids in developing dynamic pages which demand for database interactions. This web development software is open source, interpreted, object-oriented and platform independent.


This is an Oracle Backed open source Relational DBMS. It is one of the most powerful and reliable database management systems based on SQL. You can customize advanced eCommerce business solutions through its on-demand scalability. MySQL is a stable DBMS that ensures performance and meets your demanding business requirements.

Peach Payments

Simple, effective digital solutions for securing payments across web and mobile platforms

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