Adaptive Web Apps

Reach your customers anywhere, on any devices to provide a truly engaging digital customer experience through our adaptive & Responsive Web Apps

Adaptive & Responsive Web Apps

We offer comprehensive web solutions to meet customer requirements. Our uniqueness is reflected through the trendy design customized exactly to suit your business needs. In addition to design, Emtlogiciel extends continuous support and upgradation services.





Expertise in Modern Web Development

At Emtlogiciel we have re-invented web application development for the modern web consumer. Our expertise stems from years of experience building web applications for startups and enterprises consumed by millions of users.

Cloud and AWS Expertise

AWS Certified Solution Architects

Elastic Beanstalk deployments for cost-efficient cloud solution

Architecting your highly secured Virtual Private Cloud.

Automating delivery using CI/CD pipelines

Containerization with Docker, Kubernetes and ECS

Software as a Service

Experts in building SAAS portals using cutting-edge tech stack

Micro Services driven architecture with containerization

Highly secured design ensures data integrity and data security

Specialized in both B2C and B2B applications

Completely Agile focussed development

E-Commerce Expertise

Experts in WooCommerce, Magento, Shopware etc

Implementation of Omnichannel experience.

Integration with omnichannel providers for unified user experience

Integration with payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal etc. globally

Multi-Store setups and Auction Store solutions for business

Media and Content Delivery

Live Streaming and OTT delivery

Content delivery and media publishing

News feeds and customized user experience

Real time social media integration with Social Networking applications

High resolution content streaming and transcoding services

Full-stack Web Technologies

Here goes a list of tools which currently rule the world of web design in order to ensure an amazing experience for both the business and the customer.


AngularJS is a web framework that simplifies both development as well as testing of web applications. It works based on the JavaScript and well-suits when there is a need to develop single page applications. AngularJS, featured by model-view-controller (MVC) architecture greatly accelerates the process of web development.


React is a JavaScript library designed to develop user interfaces. Unlike framework based web development, the front-end design using React revolves around a functionally-customizable React ecosystem. This facilitates and speeds-up the process of both single page as well as mobile applications.


JavaScript is an easy-to-learn scripting language with enormous potential. Using JavaScript, you can update the content of the webpage dynamically, which changes its nature from static to interactive. It can behave as both procedural and object oriented language and is supported by most browsers as well as non-browsers like Adobe Acrobat.


HTML5 is a recent version of HTML developed to achieve higher-level of markup, interaction and style. HTML5 succeeds XHTML and is compatible with traditional HTML. Nevertheless, it has a much greater potential and can design more robust web pages as it imbibes new elements, behaviors and attributes.


CSS is a language used to define the style of the web page designed using HTML or XML. As a result, it separates content from presentation and thus adds greater flexibility and control over the latter one. CSS simplifies the process of web design by offering a chance to modify the look of multiple web pages at a single go, unlike HTML.


SAAS (syntactically awesome style sheets) is also a CSS pre-processor just like LESS. It makes the CSS more dynamic in terms of functionality by adding variables, loops, mixins, built-in functions to manipulate font attributes, inline imports, etc. This makes the CSS code more concise and clean, which in turn facilitates its easy management.


LESS (learner style sheets) is an open source language which imparts dynamic capabilities for CSS. This is accomplished by the addition of variables, operations, mixins and functions, which increase flexibility while simplifying the work-flow. LESS can be learnt very easily and offers an easy-to-use environment at both server and client side.

Back End

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a well renowned programming language used to accomplish server-side scripting. It can be embedded into HTML and aids in developing dynamic pages which demand for database interactions. This web development software is open source, interpreted, object-oriented and platform independent.


Ruby is a free, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language meant to aid the design of web applications. It is dynamic and is featured by an elegant syntax which makes code writing, editing and testing easier. Ruby is greatly flexible, simple-to-use, highly productive and portable over multiple platforms including GNU, Linux, UNIX, BeOS, macOS, DOS and OS/2.


.NET is a high-productive, open-source developer platform used to design web/mobile apps compatible to be run over Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, iOS and Docker devices. Its extensive set of libraries complemented by its ability to support multi-languages and asynchronous programming aids the quick development of high security apps.


Java is the most-popular, widely-deployed programming language best-fitting for a wide number of applications including the development of web and mobile applications. It’s flexibility, portability, scalability and excellent performance makes it the most sort out programming language for deploying complex business solutions


Python is a popular high-level interactive programming language used to create server-side web applications. It is compatible to be used across multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux and Raspberry Pi. It is featured by enhanced code readability as its syntax is relatively simple. Python, when used, aids in quick prototype development and system integration.


NodeJS is an event-driven, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment, capable of handling data transfer between the databases. It follows a non-blocking approach to handle service requests and is capable of executing IO operations in asynchronous mode. This makes NodeJS the best choice when you need to develop real time web applications characterized by high throughput and low latency.


C# (C-Sharp) is an object-oriented programming language which can be used to develop efficient applications running on .NET framework. It is simple to use, but robust in terms of functionality. This makes C# a popular choice in industries dealing with the development of web/mobile applications and REST APIs.


Laravel is an open-source classy PHP framework incorporating MVC architecture. It is characterized by simple, expressive, elegant syntax which eases the operations like session handling, authentication, caching and routing. Laravel efficiently handles third-party tool integration while ensuring optimum level of security.


ROR is open-source web-application software which integrates Rails – a development tool, with Ruby, a popular programming language. It is based on MVC-architecture and is object-oriented in nature. Its other abilities offered in the form of easy coding, testing and self-documentation greatly speeds up the process of application development and results in high productivity.


Django is a high-level, free, Python-based web framework which fastens the development cycle associated with web applications. It employs Model View Template (MVT) architecture and is compatible with ample of client-side frameworks. Django is highly scalable, multi-platform operable and very efficient at creating the apps demanding for high security.


This is an open-source MVC based, lightweight framework meant to enhance the ability of ASP.NET core. ASP.NET MVC facilitates development, testing and even maintenance of dynamic web applications. It offers you a complete control over the code and allows you to practice cutting-edge web standards.


Espresso is an instrumentation-based test framework which automates UI testing through short and concise UI tests. It works in conjunction with AndroidJUnitRunner and can be run on either an emulator or on the actual device. Its testing annotations and assertions greatly ease the process of Android app development.


Wordpress is a free of cost SEO friendly Content Management System for website creation and maintenance. Its high interactivity makes it simple to use, thereby enabling a quick change implementation on your site through its convenient administration panel. It offers a web-based user interface for designing, publishing, and updating websites. You can gain its additional functionality by implementing its special plugins.


Magento is a widely deployed, free, PHP-written e-commerce platform operating on MySQL-database. It is easy-to-use, SEO-friendly, greatly scalable, heavily customizable and supports multi-languages and numerous currencies. As a result, use of Magento facilitates the design of cost effective, highly responsive, secure web apps with relatively less time.


Drupal is an open source CMS for back-end support written in PHP language. Its user-friendly, highly-customizable interface simplifies the process of content creation. Drupal is also featured by powerful editing tools facilitating the design of economic, secure web applications so as to ensure awesome client experience.


Being the most prominent open source CMS for publishing open source contents, Joomla is a perfect content management solution for the dynamic and multimedia sites that have plenty of content to publish. With loads of high tech modules and plugins, it offers an easy way to create SEO friendly content. Joomla is highly interactive, cost-effective, and compatible with all the web servers.


Opencart is a premium box shopping cart solutions and a free to use e-commerce platforms. You can install it on any web server with MySQL and PHP support. It is a highly interactive and simple platform to set up with prominent functionality levels. It offers a user-friendly Interface for creating profitable e-commerce solutions.

Nop Commerce

This is a free, transparent, well-structured e-commerce platform which suits the requirement laid down by ample of retail businesses. NOP COMMERCE is based on ASP.NET MVC and uses MS SQL Server as its backend database. It offers complete e-shopping solutions as it is efficient at creating shop carts, managing vendors, handling shipments and processing payment.


This is an Oracle Backed open source Relational DBMS. It is one of the most powerful and reliable database management systems based on SQL. You can customize advanced eCommerce business solutions through its on-demand scalability. MySQL is a stable DBMS that ensures performance and meets your demanding business requirements.


Structured Query Language (SQL) is a standard database language meant to manage data in relational database management system (RDBMS). It offers the user with a potentiality to create new records, update the existing ones, delete the unnecessary data, etc. As a result, SQL helps in organizing data across the databases like Oracle, MySQL, MS Access, Sybase and DB2.


It is new technology cross-platform based on a Document-Oriented Database Program. MongoDB stores your data in a document-oriented format in JASON like documents. The JASON schemata offer high flexibility for changing the structure of data over time.


PostgreSQL is an open source object-relational database management system (ORDBMS). It is powerful, reliable and robust in terms of performance, no matter whether it is single- or multi- user environment. PostgreSQL is equipped with multiversion concurrency control (MVCC) module and maintains ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability) principles.


MariaDB is a popular, free database server developed by MySQL team members. It is readily compatible with MySQL structures and indexes while being an exact match with its APIs. Other attractive features offered by this relational database management system include ACID compliance and support for JSON APIs, parallel data replication and multiple storage engines.


Cassandra is an open-source decentralized database management system which falls under the category of NoSQL storage systems. It is highly scalable and fault-tolerant on cloud and/or commodity hardware. It supports a large number of data structures/language drivers, offers operational simplicity, quick at writing/reading, highly reliable and ACID compliant.

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